This page is only created for the users with an author role to figure out how to add content to the website. Hence, this page should not be displayed anywhere on the website (frontend).

Adding content:

When you login to the website, in the dashboard of WordPress, there are three custom post types below the Download icon: events, research_items, and vacancies. We add our content through these custom post types. When you edit a post type, your content would automatically show up on the front page and the archive pages. The archive pages are already added to the main menu. Your content would obtain the customised format similar to what we have currently at the front-page. Hence, we dynamically add our content to the website.

I managed the dynamic content with Elementor. If you intend to know how things work, I recommend to watch below tutorials from Elementor. You can add your content by Elementor editor but it is not necessary. You can use WordPress editor as I do here!


Dashboard->events->add new

This post is about the workshops, conferences, tutorials, etc. Start editing your content. Afterwards fill in the event fields. The required field (*) will be displayed on the customised cards. Hence, it is necessary to fill these fields. Try to complete these field as much as you can. Click on the settings icon and select the featured image. This image will also be used in the front page and the archive page. Also fill in the categories.


Dashboard->research_items->add new

This post is about the breakthrough, the funded proposal, the major publications, the awards, etc. Fill the content as above.


Dashboard->vacancies->add new

This post is about the vacancies. Fill the content as above.