Organizer: ACMM (Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling)

From: 05/01/2022

To: 15/01/2022

Where: Science Park 904, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Molsim2021

In January 2021, the school MolSim-2021 is scheduled to take place at the University of Amsterdam. The school hosts PhD and postdoctoral researchers working in the field of molecular simulation. MolSim-2021 is organized by the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling.


  • Evert Jan Meijer (University of Amsterdam)
  • Berend Smit (EPFL)
  • Daan Frenkel (University of Cambridge)
  • Ensing Bernd (University of Amsterdam)
  • David Dubbeldam (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jocelyne Vreede (University of Amsterdam)
  • Ineke Weijer (University of Amsterdam)
  • Laura Bastiaans-Tomé (University of Amsterdam)

Molsim-2021 Pictures

The program consists of morning sessions with lectures, and afternoon sessions with hand-on exercises.

A detailed day-by-day schedule with full “directions” follow later, in December. 

DayHourRoomLecturerCourseLecture Notes
Monday 4/109:00-09:15OnlineEvert Jan MeijerWelcome 
09:15-13:00OnlineBerend SmitLecture: Introduction Statistical Thermodynamics
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Introduction Statistical Thermodynamics
Tuesday 5/109:00-12:30OnlineBerend SmitLecture: Monte Carlo Basic Techniques
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: MC Basic Techniques
Wednesday 6/109:00-12:30OnlineBerend SmitLecture: MD Basic Techniques
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: MD Basic Techniques
Thursday 7/109:00-12:30OnlineEvert Jan MeijerLecture: Free Energies and Phase Equilibria
13:30-16:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Free Energies and Phase Equilibria
Friday 8/109:00-12:30OnlineThijs VlugtLecture: Advanced MC, CBMC, CFCMC
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: CFCMC
Saturday 11/1Day Off
Sunday 12/1Day Off

Monday 11/109:00-12:30OnlinePeter BolhuisLecture: Rare Events
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Rare Events
Tuesday 12/109:00-12:30OnlineDaan FrenkelLecture: Measurements in Simulations
13:30-16:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Ensembles

16:30-18:30OnlineParticipantsPoster Session

Wednesday 13/1 09:00-12:30OnlineJocelyne VreedeLecture: Advanced MD: Modeling Biological Systems
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Bio
Thursday 14/109:00-12:00OnlineMohamad Moosavi
Kevin Jabkonka
Lecture: Machine Learning
13:30-17:00OnlineLab Course TeamLab Course: Machine Learning
Friday 15/109:00-12:00OnlineTitus van ErpLecture & Seminar: Rare Events
~12:00OnlineEvert Jan MeijerClosing

All times are CET, Central European Time – Last update: January 09, 2021

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