MolSim 2012: Understanding Molecular Simulation

On this webpage we will maintain last minute news and information during the MolSim2012 school. MolSim2012 takes place at the University of Amsterdam. The school targets PhD and postdoc students working in the field of molecular simulation. MolSim2012 is organized by the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modelling. Lecturers include Daan Frenkel (Cambridge University) and Berend Smit (Berkeley University).

  • Who: ACMM
  • Where: University of Amsterdam
  • When: January 9-20, 2012
  • Register: registration is now closed.

Evaluation Form

The online evaluation form will become online by the end of the course.

Molsim2012 Program

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Lecture Notes

Monday 9/1 9:15-9:20C0.110Meijer Welcome
9:00-12:30C0.110Bolhuis Intro Statistical Thermodynamics Lecture1.pdf
13:30-16:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
16:00 Welcome drinks
Tuesday 10/1 9:00-12:30C0.110Meijer Monte Carlo: Basics Lecture2.pdf
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Wednesday 11/1 9:00-12:30C0.110Bolhuis Molecular Dynamics: Basics Lecture3.pdf
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Thursday 12/1 9:00-12:30C0.110Frenkel MC: Ensembles
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Friday 13/1 9:00-12:30C1.110Frenkel MC: Advanced Methods
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Saturday 14/1
Sunday 15/1 15:45Canel Tour + Dinner
Monday 16/1 9:00-12:30C0.110Smit Free Energies and Phase Equilibria
13:30-17:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Tuesday 17/1 9:00-13:30C0.110Smit Rare Events
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Wednesday 18/1 9:00-10:30C0.110Smit MD: Advanced Methods
11:00-12:30C0.110Abeln MC Lattice Models
Thursday 18/1 9:00-12:30C0.110Vlugt Configuration-bias Monte Carlo Lecture9.pdf
13:30-18:00G0.010,12,23,25 Lab Course
Friday 20/1 9:00-12:30C1.110Lowe Coarse Grained Models
12:30C1.110Meijer Closing
Lab Course lecturers are Ensing, Dubbeldam, and their team.

Group photo MolSim 2012

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